BSC Energie... one of the most experienced solar farm project developers and operators in Germany. We bring together with communities, farmers and landowners the energy transition.

We are experts in developing solar farms without subsidies. Our vision is to contribute with our solar farms to further the energy transition together with communities and residents of a region, while at the same time strengthening agriculture and promoting biodiversity.

Our goal is also to be a long-term partner for the regions where we develop solar farms. We remain involved in our solar farms for 30 or more years.


Partnering with communities and residents

We develop and operate our solar farms in partnership with cities, municipalities and regions. We aspire to be a long-term partner starting with original planning to remaining a local business enterprise for 30 or more years after the establishing a solar farm.

It is also very important for us that we include the residents in the community where the generation of ecological solar is produced. With this kind commitment it makes an important contribution to the expansion of renewable energy in Germany. Whenever desired, we enable residents to financially invest in our solar farms. We have offered this opportunity since 2010.

Hand in hand with agriculture

We have our roots in agriculture and we understand that it not only provides people with food but also preserves our landscape. For farmers, nature is more than a mere basis for food production or an economic factor. A healthy environment and the preservation of nature are prerequisites for the survival of all of us and future generations.

The connection between nature and technology is vital in the field of agriculture. Solar photovoltaic technologies provide an appropriate mean to preserve nature by creating and maintaining a sustainable landscape to secure the future. Our goal is to help farmers in this endeavor.

For the benefit of biodiversity

We plan our solar farms with a background of more than 10 years of post-mapping flora and fauna. This results in many new aspects that help us to integrate solar farms as important islands of biodiversity in our landscape in addition to pure energy production.

When planned correctly open space PV systems promote biodiversity, as numerous rare plant and animal species settle under and/or between the rows of solar tables. Grazing from certain animals like sheep also creates new and changing habitats for insects, reptiles and amphibians. Numerous studies have confirmed the positive effects of solar farms.

Examples of our work

Achievements to date

>1 GWp of solar projects

>3 bn kWh of energy generated ecologically in partnership with the community

>1500 ha of land
with biodiversity or on converted brownfield sites